Guangzhou China

Big week up in China during the past week, working on the assembly of a large scale prototype for a project we are working on in Guangzhou.

A few logistics challenges faced, but a few trips to the local markets, and some super friendly people helped sort that out.

Looking forward to sharing the finished product later in the year.

Häfele AXILO™ launched at Interzum 2017

Awesome to see another great project we worked on with Designerscope™, Häfele AXILO™, released at Interzum 2017.

The Häfele AXILO™ plinth adjusting fitting system– the extended lever for cabinet leveling. Every kitchen installer knows the problems with the leveling of kitchen furniture over the plinth feet, in particular the rear ones … Häfele’s clever new adjustment system puts an end to it. The adjustment is done ergonomically and back friendly from the front, with simultaneous monitoring of the level. All told one can save up to 50% of the assembly time. Small cause – great effect. **

** Reference: