At FORMWORKS we design objects: physical objects, visual objects, innovative objects, iconic objects, but above all, we design objects for you and I.


Briefing Workshop

A workshop session held with the client in order to identify opportunities, problems, and priorities within a proposed design development program.

Formworks will spend anywhere between a half day and a week working with client company employees. This allows us to gain a deep understanding of not only the requirements of the product but also of the client’s company culture, in order to deliver a design solution that embodies the aspirations of the client.



Drawing on opportunities uncovered and problems identified during the briefing workshop, our Design Team will conduct market research into consumer needs. Furthermore, trend forecasting and technical research of technologies, materials and appropriate processes will be established. Often this research is provided by the client, however, we recommend utilising our expertise and contacts to get the best result and to streamline the delivery process further along the track. We are able to draw from a multidisciplinary network of consultants to ensure we have the best possible knowledge base to build upon.


Conceptual Design

Utilising techniques such as sketching, rough CAD modeling, basic mock-ups and proof of concept prototypes, Formworks will develop a number of solutions and concept directions. This is then presented directly to the client or on our web based presentation and communication software, Designlink. At this stage, manufacturing processes and technologies will be identified. Sufficient information will be generated for obtaining cost estimations of tooling and production to ensure the design is kept economically viable.


Design Development

Drawing on the feedback from the client on the selected concept direction we will begin to define the product in more detail. We will utilise our high-end CAD software and online communication program to regularly update the client on the product development progress. During this stage, more accurate data will be able to be generated to obtain manufacturing costs. We will make use of rapid prototyping technology to produce models suitable for fit and function testing and real world evaluation of the design.



Design Detailing & Production Management.

From producing engineering drawings to evaluating parts, Formworks has the ability to deliver your product from an idea to the final off-tool samples. Our additional service of production management will help ensure that the design integrity is maintained throughout the production set-up phase. If required Formworks can use its network of manufacturing contacts to establish a cost effective production and distribution program.