Formworks have the expertise to take your idea from blue sky concept through to a realised and successful product.

Our aim is to work alongside our clients and manufacturing partners as a team. We apply our design thinking across all areas of the business to ensure we guide our clients through the product development process.

From the initial ideation and market research phase, through to engineering and production management, we will be on your side striving to achieve the best result possible.



Without the right knowledge and knowing the market you can not develop a product

Prior to engaging in any design Formworks works through a research phase. During this stage, our team familiarise themselves with the intended market, technologies and competitors. This phase of work is integral to developing a design which is founded upon sound research and in-depth knowledge of the industry.


Designing is what we do. At Formworks we draw upon our extensive experience, skills and creativity to design the best solution for your needs.

With the proper groundwork of understanding, knowledge and experience the design process is followed throughout a project and is the reason Formworks has been recognised with so many award winning designs.


Visualising the proposed design solution is often half the challenge. While we are well equipped to explain our design ideas and rational, we still find that a picture is the easiest form of communication for conveying an idea.

Our staff are constantly experimenting with different techniques and software packages to deliver images of a photo-realistic nature. Once produced these images can be used prior to production for market testing against focus groups, selling the concept to investors and as imagery for marketing material.


Throughout the design process Formworks utilises a variety of prototyping techniques to validate our designs. By partnering with specialist Prototype Bureau’s we can maximise our design resources, while still delivering prototypes at a relatively low cost, and within a short timeframe. The result of prototype testing is invaluable to the success of a product as multiple iterations can be analysed prior to finalising the design and investing in manufacture.

Whether it is a simple form study or a fully detailed pre-production model, Formworks can provide you with the right prototyping service.


The engineering phase of a product can have just as much impact as the design itself. 

By utilising 3D parametric software packages Formworks is able to design and engineer products to specific standards and enable fast and efficient revisions of data.

Knowledge of the various engineering constraints and techniques lets Formworks accomodate any defining aspects into the design earlier on the development process.

With in-house 3D CAD capabilities Formworks ensures that no part of the design is lost in translation or comprised, as it is the holistic approach that can define a successful product and make it stand out from the crowd.


We see our role in helping our clients carry on throughout the entire development process from the sketchbook to the product hitting the shelves.

For some, the manufacturing of a product can be a minefield of technical jargon which can be daunting to the uninitiated. Using our extensive experience and contacts both locally and internationally we work alongside our clients and manufacturers to ensure the end product is delivered to our exacting standards, on time, and within budget.

No-one likes a surprise and through careful management of the production process, we aim to eliminate common areas of miscommunication and issues.


Sometimes a design solution requires expertise outside of our knowledge. If this is the case on a project we have a range of companies who we work with to enable us to provide the best solution to our clients.  Whether it is specialist 3D scanning, mold flow analysis, FEA simulations or something totally different, we will find the right partner to suit your needs and deliver the results required.

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