Client Barmes Design
Project Freebase

Barmes Freebase
Designed for work agility

Welcome to a new way of living and working. Barmes Freebase is the ultimate solution for business and personal needs. The Barmes Freebase has ingenious separate compartments for travel documents, work items including files, laptop computer, phone and power cords as well as room for your toiletries bag, clothing and laundry.

The revolutionary Barmes Freebase has a retractable handle for wheeling and a soft handle for lifting. A Kensington lock keeps everything secure when docking. All in a size approved for carry on baggage with the world’s major airlines.

Best Awards - Freebase10

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Barmes-02Barmes-03Barmes-04Freebase Pre ProductionIMG_1922IMG_1927

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