VS Injector

Client       Datamars Project     VS Injector Formworks work as a design partner with Simcro Datamars, designing and developing a vast number of products within their Shrouded, Premium and … Continue reading VS Injector


Client Project Navicom Dynamics ChannelPilot + Beacon Antenna Formworks began working with Navicom Dynamics in 2012 after being approached to develop a new look and construction methodology for their ChannelPilot … Continue reading ChannelPilot

Exoskel X2

Client Project Exoskel X2 The idea for the Exoskel™ X2 urban climber was born out of real life challenges faced by a former member of the Elite NZSAS Special Forces … Continue reading Exoskel X2

RPB | Nova 3

Client Project RPB Safety Nova 3 Formworks worked in conjunction with the team at RPB Safety on the aesthetic design and development of their latest respirator. Through the development of … Continue reading RPB | Nova 3


Client Project Harpur Developments B-Brush Working alongside Harpur Products, Formworks has developed a revolutionary new toothbrush, targeted at the times when a normal toothbrush is not readily available. The brief … Continue reading B-Brush

Rhinocrate 47L

Client Project Rotaform Plastics Rhinocrate 47L The 47L Rhinocrate was designed for Turners and Growers to improve upon their freight logistics in the fruit and vegetable sectors. The crate was … Continue reading Rhinocrate 47L


Client Project Powershield M-Sensor The M-Sensor is an industrial data logging device that forms part of the PowerShield Sentinel Battery Monitoring system. Formworks created a range of injection moulded housing … Continue reading M-Sensor


Client Project Simcro Sekurus™ The Sekurus™ Injector is a world leader in providing safety to the user within the animal health sector. Key aspects of the design include a 3 … Continue reading Sekurus™


Client Project Disserio Brands iCube The iCube system was developed out of the clients need for a modular storage solution.