RWC Signage

Client Project Rotaform Plastics RWC Signage Formworks worked alongside Rotaform Plastics to develop the signage seen in and around Auckland for Rugby World Cup 2011. One of the key objectives … Continue reading RWC Signage


Client Project Hustler SL700X Balefeeder  

Orford Reclad

Client Project Orford Refrigeration Reclad Orford found¬†that in their sales pitch to potential clients they were often held back by a lack of visualisation and the ability to convey the … Continue reading Orford Reclad

Food Grade Locker

Client Project Rotaform Plastics Food Grade Locker A practical, modern locker designed to overcome the issues associated with traditional metal lockers. ¬†Ideal for wet areas, food processing plants and schools … Continue reading Food Grade Locker

Rhinobin 700L

Client Project Rotaform Plastics Rhinobin 700L The idea was to gain a competitive edge in the market by solving many of the existing problems with collapsible crates. Problems such as … Continue reading Rhinobin 700L

Kid Kabs

Client Project Cabco Group Kid Kabs The idea of having a purpose designed coin-operated shopping cart, combined with an interactive ride-in toy that would excite and entertain the minds of … Continue reading Kid Kabs