At Formworks we design solutions to challenging problems. We question the conventional to develop groundbreaking ideas, turning these into compelling products and experiences. Everything we do, every success and accomplishment we achieve, begins with you and your belief in us.

Collaboration is what sets us apart. We engage with your team, you engage with ours, and together we create. We offer a range of design services, all of which we tailor to your specific project requirements.



As designers, we see the world a little differently. We know how to look and ask the right questions to discover new ideas. Central to this is your users, they are at the heart of everything we do. Their connection to your product or experience will be the measure of our success.

Our insights process gives your user a voice throughout development. We adopt methods for extracting genuine, unbiased information and observations from your users. We encase it in ways that shift momentum in your business enabling you to develop informed, innovative products and product strategies.

User Interviews
Stakeholder Interviews
Field Research + Observations 
Trend Research + Analysis
Competitor Research + Analysis
Journey Mapping
Insight Visualisation
Value Proposition Validation
Concept Validation Testing

Design Strategy


Successful products and services find the balance between user desires, brand values, manufacturability and the commercial proposition. We believe in early collaboration, integrating ourselves within your teams to facilitate co-creation workshops that enable commercial viability, coherence and user-inspired design across physical and service-based touchpoints.
Opportunity Mapping
Co-Creation Workshops
Ideation Workshops
Concept Visualisation
Persona Definition
Experience Prototyping
Design Language

Industrial Design


Driven by the strategic groundwork, we develop innovative products that blend seamlessly with users’ habits, lifestyles and workflows. No idea is ever left behind, our goal is to generate as many ideas as possible, across the spectrum of mild to wild to explore the boundaries of possibilities. After bringing everything to the table, we identify a range of concepts to further develop. Collaborating with our client throughout the conceptual phase is critical to selecting the most powerful user-centred product concept.

Focus then turns to fine-tuning the design for reality. Analysing every aspect of the concept, we concentrate on component and assembly details, collaboration with OEM suppliers and partners as well as design for manufacturing (DFM) discussions with manufacturers.

Concept Generation & Refinement
Design Language
Hardware Envelope Analysis
Mock-Ups and Prototyping
3D CAD Modelling
Rapid Visualisation
Photo-Realistic Visualisation
Colour/Material/Finish (CMF) Development
Appearance Models
Manufacture Liaison



Engineering is where we finalise every aspect of the design. We detail every product in 3D CAD to optimise part design, maximise productivity and align to high-quality production standards.

All products and their components require detailed 2D CAD specification documentation. This ensures component and assemblies are produced to meet the intented design outcomes. Critical dimensions, tolerances, finishes, materials and assembly methods and assembly manuals are all generated.

We can design and specifying parts to suit each manufacturing process. From injection moulding plastics, thermoforming, extrusions, sheetmetal fabrication, castings to Corian and timber carcass construction; each process is different and we understand the requirements for achieving high quality production standards.

OEM Component Integration
Electrical Engineering Integration
Test Jig Development
Functional Mechanical Testing
Documentation for Manufacture
Bill of Materials Documentation
Design for Manufacture
Design for Assembly + Disassembly
Design for Serviceability
Finite Element Analysis (using external partners)

Photo-realisic Visualisation


Our rendering service captures the realism of a design throughout the products development. They help in user market feedback, investor presentations, imagery for publications and websites, as well as visual sign-off on colours, finishes and materials prior to production.



Throughout the design process Formworks utilises a variety of prototyping techniques to validate our designs. We have inhouse 3D printers for early validation of ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality and also partner with specialist prototype suppliers to deliver high quality visual and functional prototypes. The result of prototype testing is invaluable to the success of a product as multiple iterations can be analysed prior to finalising the design and investing in manufacture.

Whether it is a simple form study or a fully detailed pre-production model, Formworks can provide you with the right prototyping service. 

Low Resolution Full Scale Foamcore
Foam Formstudies
SLA, SLS, FDM 3D Printing
CNC Machining
Sheetmetal Fabrication
Laser Cutting
Vacuum Cast Urethane



We see our role in helping our clients carry on throughout the entire development process from the sketchbook to the product hitting the shelves.

For some, the manufacturing of a product can be a minefield of technical jargon which can be daunting to the uninitiated. Using our extensive experience and contacts both locally and internationally we work collaboratively with our clients and suppliers to ensure the end product is delivered to our exacting standards, on time, and within budget. We take our involvement in manufacturing support very seriously. We travel both locally and abroad; Australia, China and Taiwan to visit and oversee the stages of production and assembly of the products we design.

Graphic Design


Formworks is able to offer a full end to end design service that includes Graphic Design. We have over 20 years of experience working on brand identity; both small and large scale, editorials, publications, packaging and social media content.

Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Editorials + Publications
User Instruction Manuals
Social Media Content
Presentation Design
Vinyl Cut Graphics

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