Design for Manufacture

Design for Manufacture

I recently bumped into someone who asked what I did for a living. I told them I was a designer and was met with “oh, you create pretty pictures…”

Yes, it’s where we start, but it’s only a small partĀ of the design process. To develop a product from idea to production requires concept development, CAD modelling, prototyping, CAD refinement, more prototyping and finally production procurement.

Design is Pretty Pictures

227 components, 5 fabric bags, 36 injection mould tools, 3 fabric forming tools, 3 extrusion dies, 8 stamp press tools and 3 spring forming tools produced across two countries is what it took to produce one Barmes freebase. All parts designed and specified from pretty picture to manufacturable product by Formworks.


Guangzhou China

Big week up in China during the past week, working on the assembly of a large scale prototype for a project we are working on in Guangzhou.

A few logistics challenges faced, but a few trips to the local markets, and some super friendly people helped sort that out.

Looking forward to sharing the finished product later in the year.