VS Injector

Client       Datamars
Project     VS Injector

Formworks work as a design partner with Simcro Datamars, designing and developing a vast number of products within their Shrouded, Premium and Compact Injectors and accessories ranges.

The VS Injector is the latest product that has been launched onto the market following an extensive period of development,  and field testing.

Designed for swine and beef producers, the Simcro VS Injector gives you ultimate flexibility to protect you, your staff, your stock, and your business in one shot. The modular VS injector is designed for comfort, packed with safety features giving you the power to administer animal health vaccines, accurately, effectively and with care for your animals’ welfare.

SX16015 - Swine Injector 01SX16015 - Swine Injector 02SX16015 - Swine Injector 06SX16015 - Swine Injector 07SX16015 - Swine Injector 03SX16015 - Swine Injector 04