Liquid Holster


Conceptri Group
Liquid Holster

The brief presented to Formworks was to design a recreational drink holder that held a large range of drinking containers. The drink holder had to be self-levelling, extremely durable, light, affordable and able to attach to many different tube sizes that are commonly found on golf trundlers, infant buggies, bicycles, marine equipment, and other similar types of equipment.

 The solution involved creating a holster with flexible arms that could cope with the large variance of drinking container sizes and avoid the need for complex manual adjustment. Because the arms were flexible it also applied enough friction to the drinking container to hold it securely, centering it within the holster which prevented it tipping from side to side if it was smaller than the holster. The holster has a 360° swivel system allowing the unit to be fully reversible and self-levelling on varying terrain. This also enables the holster to be fixed to angled tubes.