Nga Huruhuru Rangatira


Robert Jahnke
Nga Huruhuru Rangatira

Nga Huruhuru Rangatira, “the feathers of the chief”, forms a 6.4-metre high archway framing a view of the long-standing statue of Te Peeti Te Awe Awe. It stands on the corner of The Square and Church Street, and is illuminated at night.

The work of art takes its inspiration from the extinct huia bird that was last seen in the Tararua Range.

The stylised giant huia feathers are the creation of Massey University Professor of Maori Visual Arts Robert Jahnke. Crafted from 3000 kilograms of ground stainless steel, it features three feathers on one side, and two on the other, representing a coming together of Maori cultural references and Western knowledge. Cutaway sections on the columns are in the shape of huia.

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