Urbanclimb X3

Client Urbanclimb
Project X3


Building on the success of the X2, Urbanclimb engaged us to develop a smaller, lighter and stronger climbing aid. The X3 delivers on all of these.



  • Holds in excess of 1300 lbs (590 kg): teeth, buckle, stirrup
  • Resistant to high impact, puncture and UV
  • Fire Resistant Self Extinguishing UL94 V0 Rated
  • Silicone inlay on calf strapping, flexi hose included for additional comfort
  • Kevlar stirrup protected by biothane sheath
  • Optional kneepad which can be used in conjunction with the X3 or on it’s own
  • Weighs only 0.8 lbs (385 g)
  • Buoyant, all units
  • ​Boot Fit option, to fit wide boots
  • OSFA, Guard widening option, to fit wider legs

As well as the product design, Formworks developed the brand identity for Urbanclimb.