Virgin Australia Bagdrop


BCS Daifuku
Virgin Australia, Bag Drop

best_bronzeFormworks worked extensively with our client Daifuku BCS, and their customer Virgin Australia developing the BagDrop check-in experience for the new Perth T1 domestic terminal. The new terminal opened to the public on the 22nd of November 2015.

The requirement from Virgin was a check-in system that could switch seamlessly between the traditional staff assisted to self-service BagDrop check-in configurations. The solution we developed utilised a rotating passenger interface display that when rotated automatically switched the check-in interface from one mode to the other.

Low-resolution concept mock-ups were created in Auckland and taken to Brisbane where we assembled them for Virgin for workflow/staff and passenger interaction simulations. After multiple trips to Brisbane, several card mock-ups and a number of design iterations developed, the design was ready for the production of the first of two working mock-ups.

Formworks worked closely overseeing the fabricators in the production of the sculptured Corian outer skin. To reduce the visual bulk of the Corian skin, we introduced a soft curved shape to the inner faces, which loosely referenced the form of an aircraft’s wing. The resulting form invites touch, the tactile look and feel of Corian is like no other surface material, and why it was chosen for this application.

The internal carcas of the desk unit features a lockable tambour door which when opened provides airline staff with access to baggage tag pigeon holes, two drawers, phone and radio access, conveyor controls, PC, spare paper roll stock and an area for personal items. The passengers receive their bag tags, heavy bag tag and bag receipts from a printer slot integrated into the top corner of the Corian skin. To provide easy access for airline staff to replace paper stock or correct a paper jam, a full height slide out drawer was developed. The drawer also providing access to a waste bin for the backing paper from bag tags.

This project was a big project for our team and we are excited to finally be able to share it with you.