Les Mills | SMART TECH

Client       Les Mills International
Project     SMART TECH

Les Mills International is the global pioneer and leader in choreographed group fitness exercise with programmes across 80 countries and in 20,000 clubs.

Following on from the work of 4ormFunction, Formworks have been working with the team at Les Mills International since 2018 as their design and support partner. We are constantly striving to improve products and introduce new innovations to an ever-changing market.

Our relationship with Les Mills encapsulates everything from new product scoping, design, engineering, consumer support, class insights, QC checking, testing, validation and manufacturing support. With a worldwide distribution network, it is critical that Les Mills are proactive in meeting consumer demands and retaining their position at the forefront of innovation within the sector.

With all successful brands, there are always those that are prepared to ride the coattails of someone’s hard work and investment. Counterfeit products are a huge concern as they not only can eat into the sales of the genuine article, but they also have the potential to damage the brand and reputation of a company, stifle innovation and can be inherently unsafe. With Les Mills, we have established extremely strict requirements for their products, materials, functionality and the factories in which these are produced. We have tested samples of counterfeit products to the same standards that the genuine article is required to meet. To date, we have not been able to progress a counterfeit product beyond the first round of testing.