Syft | Tracer™

Client       Syft
Project    Tracer™

Syft Tracer™ provides rapid, sensitive, and robust analysis of contaminants in a wide array of commercial products and environmental settings. Compounds can be instantly detected in air as opposed to needing to be vialed prior to analysis. Syft Tracer™ builds off the trace-level detection inherent to SIFT-MS by offering 50% greater sensitivity than Syft’s legacy platform. Compounds that have traditionally been problematic through chromatographic analyses like nitrosamines, ethylene oxide, ammonia, and formaldehyde are easily detected by the SIFT-MS system.

Formworks have worked alongside Syft to design and develop the external enclosure for their new Tracer™ product.

EMC emission restriction was a critical functional requirement for the enclosure, which lead us to create an aluminium enclosure that acts as a shield. To soften the aesthetic we introduced Corian accent panels that reflect the Syft brand and have become a key design language element.

Another key requirement was to develop the Tracer™ enclosure aesthetic around an existing internal chassis and hardware layout, used in the Voice200infinity product. Utilising the existing mounting holes and features, interfaces and internal envelope sizes.

Our goal was to push the product into an aesthetic that compliments the incredible technology housed within.